Monday, May 25, 2020

EID Greetings

After observing a month-long tough fast, Muslims celebrate Eid when the lunar position is right. The celebrations involve an elaborate feast and gathering of friends and family members. But with the coronavirus pandemic, this year the celebrations will be a little different. While people will still be cooking their elaborate meals, the celebrations with friends and family will mostly happen over video calls. While we all are maintaining social distance

Thursday, May 14, 2020

14.05.2020 (Word of the Day)

WORD OF THE DAY (14th May 2020)




انتظار کرنے والا، راہ تکنے والا
प्रतीक्षा की जा रही है

سینکڑوں دل کش بہاریں تھیں ہماری منتظر، ہم تری خواہش میں لیکن ٹھوکریں کھاتے رہے

saikron dilkash baharein thin humari muntazir, hum teri khahwish mei lekin thokrein khaate hain