Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CCC- Course on Computer Concepts

CCC- Course on Computer Concepts

The CCC Examination system is an Online Examination system (Internet/Web based) that is a multi user, user friendly, GUI based application software. In the test, every candidate will need to have only a single computer terminal / PC and should be able to use the mouse. (The candidate answers the questions by clicking the mouse on one of the multiple-choice answers). The questions will be served from a Centralized Question bank from the database server at the DOEACC Society HQ in Delhi. The questions are picked randomly from the question bank hence no two candidates get the same set of questions.

DOEACC Society is conducting a CCC certification course all over India for quiet some time now. Most of educational institutes are aware of this course because of their association with DOEACC in conducting the examinations for this certificate. The course is taught by the DOEACC permitted centres. After completion of the training, an objective type online test is conducted for evaluating the candidate. Till now, the test is being conducted thrice a year in the months of February, June and October. From 17th July 2010 onwards, the test will be conducted on 1st and 3rd  Saturday of every month. After the candidate has successfully cleared the tests only, DOEACC Society award the certificate to the candidate.

This test for the CCC certification is to be held across more than 150 test centres located throughout the country.

Naveen Raj Bhatia