Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pune-based Ayesha Siqilkar on her way to become a computer engineer after fighting against all odds

PUNE: Ayesha Asalam Siqilkar from Chakan , Pune, fought against her less fortunate circumstances and with her hard-work, she has secured a fully paid scholarship and is on her way to becoming a computer engineer.

Siqilkar, is a single child of her parents, based in Chakan. The family has a limited and uncertain family income of approximately Rs 3,000 per month. Her mother is a housewife and her father, an unskilled labourer running from pillar to post each day, taking up odd jobs coming his way to make ends meet and fund his daughter's education in a nearby municipal school.

Siqilkar became part of Project Nanhi Kali in 2010 when she was in Class IV at the municipal school. Thereon, her education related expenses were borne by the project and Siqilkar went on to complete her SSC , getting a proud 90 percent score. Having passed with flying colours, Siqilkar secured admission in the Government Polytechnic, Awasari (KH) College to pursue a Diploma certificate in Computer Engineering.

Siqilkar later applied for the Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship program offered by the KC Mahindra Education Trust and managed to get it due to her grades.

"My parents were doing their best for me. They have provided me with food, good health, love and care despite all financial odds. And it is my responsibility to do my best in my studies. To continue my studies, I need to work hard and secure scholarships that will take care of the costs associated with it," she said.