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Assignment of CAL "Certificate In Arabic Language" Assignment - 1


            Course Code: BAL 001  
   Course Title: BASICS OF ARABIC
Maximum Marks: 10
Note: Answer all the Questions

1.      a.         Give the meaning of the following Arabic words;
نَعَمْ (na٬am),  لا (), سَيَّاْرَةْ  (sayyāra), طَبِيْبْ  (Tabīb),  طَاْئِرَةْ (Tā'ira), مُدِيْرْ ( (mudīr), بَيْتْ (bayt), مَكْتَبْ  (maktab), مَدْرَسَةْ ( (madrasa) , مَطَاْرْ ( (maTār)
b.         Write exact Arabic words for the following English words;
Engineer, Worker, Hospital, Driver, Policeman, Manager, Car, Aeroplane, Nurse, Staff.
2.      a.    Give the meaning of the following Arabic words related to Personal ` Introduction; (أَنْت) (anti), هُو (huwa), أَنْت(anta), أَنَا (ana), هِيَ (hiya)
b.      Translate the following simple sentences into Arabic
أَنَا رَجُلْ (anā rajul ), أَنَا هِنْدِيْ (anā hindī), أَنْتَ طَبِيْبْ (anta Tabīb), هُوَ مُدِيْرْ (huwa mudīr), أَنْتِ مُهَنْدِسَةْ (anti muhandisa), هِيَ اِمْرَأَةْ (hiya imra), هُوَ مُحَاسِبْ (huwa muHāsib)
3.      Write all the twenty nine (29) alphabets of Arabic and their equivalents in
4.      a.         Write the meaning of the following Arabic words related to the Family;
اِبْنْ  (ibn),  زَوْجْ (zawj),أَبْ (ab), أَخْ (akh), أُمّ (umm), أُخْتْ  (ukht), جَدّ  (jadd), بِنْتْ (bint), زَوْجَةْ  (zawja),جَدَّةْ  (jadda) 
b.         Translate the following sentences into Arabic.
He is my father. She is your sister. He is your brother. Where is your house? This is my School. This is your car. This is my school. This is your hotel.
5.      a.         Write the appropriate Arabic words for the following Days of week.
Friday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Sunday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday.
a.       Write five Arabic words related to the Restaurant and use them in simple Arabic sentences.

Assignment of CAL "Certificate In Arabic Language"

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